Founded in the 1980s by a family with sufficient expertise in manufacturing rugs, the Ong family saw an opportunity to use this to produce their own and create a sustainable business. 

Carpetworld Manufacturing Corporation saw its inception when they initially consigned with three SM branches.  From there, the family broadened their horizons and started to import rugs and carpets from Europe in order to share their superior quality and design philosophies to the Philippines.  Carpetworld saw massive growth in market share in the late '90s, and in the early 2000s. They have reached over 100 branches nationwide. 

In the year 1997, the family decided to start a new division of exclusive and more sophisticated rugs and carpets that gave birth to Eurobel Rugs + Carpets.  Eurobel saw brighter days as numerous designers, architects, and homeowners began adapting the designs the company has been bringing in from the biggest suppliers around Europe. 

To this day, the brand has been constantly evolving and adapting to the modern trends in the interior design industry and to newer technologies to better serve their target customers. The company is considered the #1 rugs and carpets retailer and wholesaler in the country. 

Mission / Vision

With over 30 years of experience, Eurobel aspires to bring amenity, warmth and style to homes, offices, and other living spaces by providing a broad variety of leading designer rugs and carpets from all over Europe. Equipped with up-to-date technology and embroidered strong relations with the best European manufacturers in the world, Eurobel strives to deliver nothing but the best quality and design options for any room setting. In light of this, the company envisions designers, architects, hotel owners, and households all around the Philippines to benefit from their products to achieve the aesthetic of their various spaces. 

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